Our IP Services

With attentive client service, and a process shaped around your unique requirements, we deliver effecient, cost-effective and high quality IP protection services that achieve exceptional results.

Drawing upon our expert knowledge of Canadian IP law and prosecution, we secure patents, trademark and industrial design design registrations for the overwhelming majority of applications that we file.


When you engage the Kirby IP Canada Team, you experience:


Fast and accurate filing

Our streamlined, proven systems expedite patent, trademark and industrial design filing, and proactively drive the examination process forward so that you get results sooner.


A commitment to great service

We’re here for you. At Kirby IP Canada, we provide you with direct access to partners and senior IP practitioners, plus the service commitment to ensure that you feel well supported throughout the process.


Knowledge of your sector

Our broad knowledge of industries and sectors ranges from communications technology to pharmaceuticals — giving us the context and knowledge to meet your unique IP protection needs.


Cost-Effective IP Protection

We work efficiently to get results faster and keep your costs down. With available fixed fees for all of our services, there are no surprises for you at billing time.

Given the pace of today’s international business, fast and easy patent, trademark and industrial design filing is a must for innovative organizations looking to protect their intellectual property in Canada.

Our service model, proven for 60 years in Canada, is designed to move your application as quickly as possible from initial filing through examination to grant — and to achieve the broadest possible protection for your innovation.

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Sending Canadian national phase patent filing instructions couldn’t be easier. Simply click the “Engage Us Today” link below, and we’ll get started.
For other Canadian IP filing requirements and general inquiries please Contact Us.

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Every one of our IP practitioners has more than a decade of experience prosecuting IP across a wide range of sectors.

We bring extreme technical competence to every case, building detailed technical arguments and drawing on our extensive expertise in IP practice to prosecute your application before the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.

Our exclusive specialization in IP protection allows us to develop effective strategies to optimize your innovation requirements. We take a personal interest in your application, working side by side with you throughout the entire IP protection journey.

Kirby IP Canada
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  • Canadian patent application preparation, filing and prosecution, including accelerated examination under Global Patent Prosecution Highway (GPPH) provisions
  • Canadian trademark application preparation, filing and prosecution
  • Canadian industrial design application preparation, filing and prosecution
  • Other IP protection in Canada, including copyright, Plant Breeders’ Rights, domain names and integrated circuit topographies
  • Comprehensive searching and opinions: to assess patentability, validity, infringement and freedom-to-operate
  • Worldwide IP filing, prosecution and portfolio management

Our Team

Our collective mission at Kirby IP Canada is to secure the broadest protection for your intellectual property, as quickly and efficiently as possible. Obtaining the best results for you — whilst upholding our commitment to personalized, attentive client service — demands concerted effort from an experienced and skilled team of patent and trademark agents.


Located in Canada’s national capital of Ottawa, Ontario, our offices are just across the Ottawa River from the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) where all IP protection applications are processed in Canada. That makes it easy for us to meet with CIPO representatives, conduct searches and hold interviews with examiners on our clients’ behalf.

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IP Resources

Drawing on more than half a century of specialized experience in intellectual property protection, we have compiled these resources to share some of our insights and trade knowledge with you.

Blog & News

CIPO to Increase Fees Substantially in 2024

  • 2023-09-15 18:02:58
On January 1, 2024 fees at the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) will increase by approximately 25% on average, per fee type. It is notable that this will be the first substantial fee increase that CIPO has implemented since 2004. This one-time substantive fee adjustment is motivated by CIPO’s current structural deficit, which it attributes…
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Upcoming Changes to Patent Prosecution in Canada

  • 2022-08-10 18:36:14
Examination of Canadian patent applications will change significantly when a host of amendments to Canada’s Patent Rules come into force this year. The changes effective on October 3, 2022 are being introduced to streamline patent examination in preparation for the implementation of patent term adjustment (PTA) obligations under the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (“CUSMA”). Most significantly,…
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