Kimberley Lachaine Retirement Announcement

As I take my leave from Kirby IP Canada after a little more than 31 years I am reflecting on my career in the intellectual property business. It is very hard to believe that I have spent my entire working career in this field. I am very happy to say that it has been both a challenging and a rewarding career.

I came into the field essentially by accident not knowing anything about intellectual property. After graduating from Carleton University with my shiny new Bachelor of Science chemistry degree in June 1980 I needed a job and hoped to find one using my education. I responded to a small newspaper ad by an unnamed company in the local paper looking for a chemical patent searcher. It turned out the unnamed company was one of Canada’s leading and oldest intellectual property firms. I spent a little over 6 years with them and must credit them with giving me a strong basis in the field. My years searching in the Patent Office search room records provided me with invaluable experience and understanding of the intellectual property business from both sides. My move to Kirby IP Canada in 1987 came as I was training as a patent agent. The firm was much younger than the firm I began with but well-established with some of the most well-respected patent agents in the business. Being a smaller firm allowed me to learn and practice in all areas of intellectual property.

I am thankful to the then partners, Norris Eades, John Baker and Ed Gale, for inviting me to join their firm and for giving me the opportunity to thrive. There have been many changes over the 31+ years and as I leave I am the last of that group from 1987 to depart the firm. The firm is in good hands. I must also thank the current partners, my agent colleagues and wonderful staff for their support. I also wish to thank my husband, Michael Scott, who has supported me through this journey and our now adult children, Kelley, Tim and Alex, who I hope benefited from a mother with an interesting career in a field not well known to most. I have worked with many clients big and small over the years on many interesting inventions and trademarks. I hope that I have contributed to the business through training others and my IPIC committee work. I will miss the stimulation of the work and the people, but I am looking forward to new adventures.

By Kimberley Lachaine

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